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Will Biden’s COVID Vaccine Passport App Strip Away Your Freedom & Privacy?

By Uncle Coasters | March 30, 2021 Updated: March 30, 2021

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported the Biden administration will launch COVID vaccine passports to return to “normal”. In fact, New York has already launched their “Excelsior Pass” program which resembles this. The program allowed vaccinated Americans to use an app to present a scannable QR code. Now, other countries like China, Japan, and the United Kingdom all seem to be working on a similar program.

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Is a “proof of vaccination” card not enough? Will this move towards digital tracking allow for unconstitutional control of citizens? Have you wondered why you need a passport to travel yet an ID to vote may not be required? And how come it seems that illegals can flock to the US without ID?

Ironically enough, Jeffrey Zients, the Biden administration’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator said the COVID vaccine passport will be “designed from the start to protect people’s privacy.” But, does this actually violate the HIPAA law and your right to medical privacy? If you are publicly denied access to businesses or travel opportunities wouldn’t it be blatantly obvious you’re not vaccinated, and thus your medical privacy violated?

Keep in mind, this violation of privacy and freedom is not even considering reports of vaccine side effects, whether vaccines are even effective, inaccurate vaccine efficacy reports, and so on. What do you think? Another fear and control tactic of the ruling class?

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