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How To Wake Up Your Brainwashed Friends & Family

By Uncle Coasters | April 12, 2021 Updated: April 12, 2021

Does it seem like you are the only critical thinker within your network of friends and family? Do you find it difficult to wake those around you from the programming of scripted and censored mainstream media? Would you like a reliable way to finally wake them up to the truth?

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I feel the same way. That's why I asked influential voices of truth to answer this difficult question: "What is a reliable way to wake up your brainwashed friends and family from the lies that bombard them?"

I urge you to follow their advice and subscribe to their content so you have more resources to successfully open the eyes of your family and friends. 

Now, here are their responses...

Henry Makow

I have this problem myself with my wife and other members of my family. My advice is state your position but don't try to convince them of anything.

It just aggravates them. Ask if they want to receive links with information, one at a time. If they don't- don't send. Focus on the things you have in common.

All you can do is shine the light. People have to find the truth themselves.

Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Henry Makow provides an oasis for the awake on his self-titled website. He dives deep into the hidden history of the satanically possessed rulers and their push towards world governance.

Michael Rivero

Remind them of the whopper about Saddam's nukes.

Michael Rivero, What Really Happened

Since 1994 Michael Rivero's website, What Really Happened, has been revealing the history the government hopes you never learn.

Russ Winters

My experience is that unless someone is already curious or in doubt about these issues, you will rarely quickly convert someone. That said you can plant seeds, and those people occasionally will come around-and will tell you so. The seed planting has to be basic, not overly complex. Usually it is exposing serious anomalies or aspects that are impossible (aka cartoon world).

Winter Watch is full of such low hanging fruit - that's what I do as are source for what you are talking about. But it is not your function to completely solve and prove all aspects of the deceptions either.

A surprising number of people are "in the closet truthers". When you find them treat them as brothers or sisters.

The main strategy is to protect yourself from gaslighting. You will need to draw boundaries there with pajama people. One thing I will not tolerate from anybody is to be called crazy or in need of mental health treatment. This is a common tactic of the lying press aka lugenpresse. You can and should get angry when that is used on you,but otherwise be patient and reasonably calm.

I wrote this post to discuss the whole aspect of dealing with pajama people. Hopefully you will find takeaways that are useful. 

Russ Winter, Winter Watch

At Winter Watch, Russ Winter helps you peel back the matrix by revealing the hidden history and agenda of the kakistocracy and global media.

Maura Dowling

I’d like to say I have the answer to that question, but I don’t. I try to gently point out problems, but the hatred and division are so ingrained that even subtlety can anger people on the other side. In some cases, they will repeat the lies from CNN or some other so-called news service.

My husband transformed me, a former Democrat, by pointing out things like the taxes taken out of our checks when Clinton was in office.

Rush Limbaugh was good at changing minds. It’s impossible to recreate his calm, informed, but forceful approach. He was unique. Rush often said he was 99.8% accurate, and while it might not have been that high, his basic common sense was always right on.

The best approach seems to be, keep well-informed, subtle, and always include common sense.

Maura Dowling, Independent Sentinel

If you're searching for truth, visit Maura Dowling's website Independent Sentinel to find news the corrupted mainstream media won't report.

Uncle Coasters

I believe the majority of people instinctively know most things we're told just do not make sense. Perhaps this is why the "educational" system and mainstream "news" works so hard to repeatedly hammer the common sense out of us on a daily basis.

But, again, I believe intuition still overpowers this daily indoctrination. That is why when moments of doubt do pop up that is the perfect time to share further information. For example, if your friends and family heard about the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine getting suspended due to blood clots... that would be a perfect time to share further information about the COVID vaccine.

The key is to share things that are not too far from the doubt expressed. Therefore, I wouldn't go too deep into the rabbit hole for their first exposure of truth. Share enough to confirm their doubts and gently expand their awareness. The goal is to build allies--not isolate yourself and create further division. Imagine yourself as trying to truly win over (not control) the hearts and minds of those around you. So act accordingly.

Uncle Coasters, First Choice Man

Uncle Coasters shares reports that disrupts the evil enslavement agenda of the ruling class which is dominated by lies, fear, and hate. 

What has your experience been like? Have you had success with other approaches? Please share your experiences below. 

  • “A man hears what he want to hear and disregards the rest.” – Paul Simon.
    Edward Bernays demonstrated that most people are not influenced by information, especially if it is uncomfortable or contradicts long held beliefs. Inducing an emotional response is the basis for all modern advertising and propaganda.

    • I’m not familiar with Bernays experiment. Was an effective alternative to sharing information presented?

      “most people are not influenced by information, especially if it is uncomfortable or contradicts long held beliefs.”… seems to be the reason for the ‘educational’ and mainstream media system.

      “Inducing an emotional response is the basis”… fear/fear of missing out/insecurity seems to be the favorite emotional responses. Any insight/experience to induce higher level emotional responses?

  • I am not very good at this either, but I have learned two important things: If you jump the truth onto someone of “conviction”, and you actually manage to break through, you sit with a serious problem: You have just called that person’s very basis of reality into question. The resultant emotional response is often called “cognitive dysfunction”, their reality falls apart, and they are likely to physically attack you!
    A second, newer lesson, I take straight from the Enemy’s handbook: Ridicule by association. Every time you want to use the term “vaccine”, you replace it with: “those experimental genetic treatment concoctions masquerading as vaccines”, or “the alleged Capitol riot”, or “the deadly Capitol insurrection where the only death was an unarmed women shot by an Antifa-supporting cop”. This is long-winded and extra work, but this is a war, bring all your weapons!
    P.S. My username I chose carefully, to pre-empt the false accusations of being an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, and I counter every accusation of being a conspiracy theorist with an angry accusation that conspiracy implies paranoia which implies mental disease, which is slanderous and actionable. Much like Rush Winter says above…
    Also, do your best to get the term “conspiracy” out of your vocabulary and all arguments, it is a nonsense term invented by the CIA to ridicule your intelligence.

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