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Drug Overdoses Caused More Deaths Than COVID in San Francisco

By Uncle Coasters | April 19, 2021 Updated: April 19, 2021

Data released by San Francisco’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner revealed that there were nearly three times as many deaths from drug overdoses than deaths caused from COVID-19. The report shows that 713 people died from drug overdoses while only 255 died from COVID-19. This is also not an isolated case.

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CDC data, visually complied by, shows Americans (regardless of age group) are far more likely to die from something other than COVID-19. They further state, “Even among those in the most heavily impacted age group (85 and older), only¬†13.3¬†percent of all deaths since February 2020 were due to COVID-19.” Is the mainstream media spreading fear to make us overestimate the risks of dying from COVID?

The San Francisco report also shows that the drug fentanyl caused more overdose deaths than heroin, opioids, meth, and cocaine. Interestingly enough, investigative journalist Ben Westhoff discovered that China has been pumping fentanyl into the United States in recent years. During his undercover work inside two Chinese fentanyl operations, he discovered the CCP subsidizes fentanyl producers with export tax breaks.

If drug overdoses causes more deaths than COVID how come this isn’t deemed a national health crisis? And if Americans are far more likely to die from something other than COVID-19 then who really benefits from lockdowns, travel bans, and vaccination programs? And if China is the source of this virus and also the major importer of the drug fentanyl could this then be considered warfare?


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