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COVID Bot Army Monitors Comments 24/7 To Push Vaccination

By Uncle Coasters | May 11, 2021 Updated: May 11, 2021

The Vaccination Demand Observatory program aims to lessen vaccine mistrust by releasing chat bots to monitor COVID conversations 24/7. The program was partly established by the Public Good Projects, which “designs and implements large-scale behavior change programs for the public good”.

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But that’s not all. This program is also established by UNICEF and the Yale Institute for Global Health. Both of which, receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As previously reported, the Gates foundation funds “news” outlets and vaccine manufacturers. Thus, it’s no wonder the “news” promotes vaccination as the sole solution.

Are these bots computer salesmen used to skyrocket vaccine profits? Why are large-scale behavioral change programs needed for “safe” and “effective” vaccines? Do safe and effective vaccines usually need this much censorship and convincing?

I’ve already ran into these bots while scrolling through YouTube comments. They’re usually “unknown” profiles that repeat short sentences that support the narrative. Have you identified bots like this while browsing comment sections? How do you identify and disable their effectiveness? Sound off below. And become an email subscriber for more breakthrough COVID reports.


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  • All bots, trolls and shills deserve equal treatment: Make relentless fun of them, their messiah Baal Gates, their Holey Profit Antonchrist Frauci and their lack of logical consistency. Coming across one of these demons and not spending a few seconds exorcising their unclean spirits, makes you an accomplice in this crime against humanity.
    Start by demanding proof that their unholy spirit / covidiot virus actually exist. Koch’s postulate is your divine charm against the Centre for Devilish Crimes. Next ask them for proof that their experimental, untested, unapproved genome manipulator masquerading as a vaccine actually does what vaccines are supposed to do; confer immunity. NEVER call it a vaccine, because it isn’t.
    Next you tell them to eff off, using the strongest language allowed on that particular site.
    And NEVER call their drek ‘vaccines’, Never allow them to tell sobstories about their friends and family dying of covid, you do NOT have to respect their “grief” without proof that said loved one died of covidiocy. And make fun of them. Always, ridicule and demand proof, always. Ridicule, proof, ridicule, proof, the two things they do not have; humility and proof.

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