Photo of Trees During Golden Hour, Anse Royale, Seychelles. Photo by Rajesh Chetty from Pexels

Most Vaccinated Country Sees COVID Cases Surge

By Uncle Coasters | May 13, 2021 Updated: May 13, 2021

According to Zerohedge, Seychelles, a tiny island nation, has fully vaccinated more than 60% of its adult population. This nation’s vaccination rate beats that of Israel’s and the United Kingdom’s. Despite the country’s high vaccination rates, there has been a surge in COVID-19 cases. Interestingly, one third of these cases come from people that are fully vaccinated.1

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Some scientists believe the supposed South African variant that’s spreading on the island is the cause. They believe the variant makes their Chinese Sinopharm and AstraZeneca jabs 30% weaker, and even evades immunity. And, they believe Western vaccines would be better at preventing severe illness.

Now, does this smell like a marketing campaign to push more vaccinations to you? Remember, in a previous report, I covered how some news outlets have financial ties to vaccine manufacturers. And keep in mind, there are only 28 current COVID deaths in Seychelles. With 5,686 Closed Cases that puts the COVID Death Rate at just 0.49%.2

Are the Chinese Sinopharm and AstraZeneca vaccines being used in Seychelles at fault here? Is the surge in cases due to PCR testing at high cycle thresholds? Or is all this focus on case surges and variants just more marketing campaigns to fatten the wallets of vaccine manufacturers? Sound off below. And become an email subscriber to receive more breakthrough COVID reports.


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