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Why This COVID Vaccine Researcher Says Vaccines Were A Mistake

By Uncle Coasters | June 1, 2021 Updated: June 1, 2021

Byram Bridle, a vaccine researcher who received a $230,000 government grant for research on COVID vaccine development, now says vaccines are toxic and a mistake. In an interview with Alex Pierson, Bridle said the toxic coronavirus spike protein from COVID-19 vaccination unexpectedly enters the bloodstream. The toxic spike protein then accumulates in the spleen, the brain, bone marrow, the liver, adrenal glands, and in testes and ovaries. This leads to blood clumping or bleeding and results in side-effects such as blood clots, heart disease, brain damage, and reproductive issues.

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Blood donations and transfusions from vaccinated people may also be dangerous. Bridle said, “We don’t want transfer of these pathogenic spike proteins to fragile patients who are being transfused with that blood.” Bridle also said breast milk from vaccinated mothers could harm nursing babies. He claims, “any proteins in the blood will get concentrated in breast milk”. And, “we have found evidence of suckling infants experiencing bleeding disorders in the gastrointestinal tract”.

Shouldn’t we listen to COVID vaccine researchers when they say the vaccines are toxic? Are we turning our population infertile? Are babies doomed to health complications? How come these issues weren’t addressed in the safety trials? Would you receive blood from a vaccinated person? Sound off below. And become an email subscriber for more uncensored COVID news.


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