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Effective COVID Treatments That Fauci Is Hiding From Humanity

By Uncle Coasters | June 4, 2021 Updated: June 4, 2021

In an interview with One America News, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko discussed the studies and censorship of successful COVID treatments. Dr. Zelenko highlighted, “hydroxychloroquine together with the use of azithromycin had a 100% decrease in mortality rate in patients that were on ventilators.” Further, “an additional 40% benefit if you added zinc to the mixture.”

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Unfortunately, mainstream media and health officials have been ignoring these successful treatments. Dr. Zelenko said, “[Fauci] committed crimes against humanity that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and millions worldwide. The truth is he did everything in his power to conceal access to pre-hospital therapies in lieu of hospitalized treatments and the vaccine approach.”

The true narrative of safe and effective treatments needs to be spread to every human on this planet. We no longer have to live in fear. We are not alone in this fight for truth and health. Become an email subscriber to access my free Censored COVID Treatments report. This report covers two more effective treatments, which do not need a prescription and can be done on your own. Sound off below if you’re aware of any other effective treatments.


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